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How To Join Telegram


How To Join Telegram Read Full Post For Android And Apple IOS Device User For Job

Here’s a simple step-by-step guide:

  1. Download the Telegram App. Android (Download)
  2. Download The Telegram App Apple (Download)
  3. Register your phone number. …
  4. Enter the SMS verification code. …
  5. may call your phone instead. …
  6. Enter at least your first name. …
  7. Let access your contacts. …

यहां एक सरल चरण-दर-चरण मार्गदर्शिका दी गई है:
1. टेलीग्राम ऐप डाउनलोड करें। … डाउनलोड
3. अपना फोन नंबर रजिस्टर करें। …
4. एसएमएस सत्यापन कोड दर्ज करें। …
5. इसके बजाय टेलीग्राम आपके फोन पर कॉल कर सकता है। …
6. कम से कम अपना पहला नाम दर्ज करें। …
7. टेलीग्राम को अपने संपर्कों तक पहुंचने दें। …

How to Install and Use It on Android – IOS Apple Device ?

For Android is a fast and powerful instant messaging app which comes with lots of useful features such as encrypted messages, unlimited cloud storage, sending and receiving any type of files, secret chats, self-destructing chats, etc.

You can install for Android easily and use it on your Android device in many languages including English, Spanish, German, Arabic, Dutch, and Italian. Telegram for Android can be used in other languages which are supported by external language packs.

1. Install Telegram App on Android

How To Join Telegram

To download for Android, go to the Google play Android app store at You can visit Google Play Store your android phone or tablet to download and install 

2. SMS activation and registration

When you launch the app after installing it, you will see the window showing Start Messaging button. Tap (touch and leave) the Start Messaging button.

How To Join Telegram

3. Enter the SMS verification code

The app will have a field into which you input the SMS verification code.

How To Join Telegram

4. may call your phone instead

A robotic voice will read out a five-digit code, which you can then enter into the app. 

How To Join Telegram

5. Enter at least your first name

requires that you give it at least your first name. (It doesn’t have to be your real first name.) You can also add an avatar for more personalization. 

Other users can search for you by your username without needing to know your phone number.

How To Join Telegram

6. Let access your contacts

Unfortunately, you can’t just type in a phone number and start messaging. You’ll need to grant permission to access your contacts before you can message anyone. However, people who are not in your contacts can still invite you to chats. 


7. (Optional) Let access your files and lock screen

will ask you to let it access your photos, media and files so that you can use the app to send photos and other files. It also wants to access your lock screen  so it can show you incoming calls. 

You can pass on both these options, but will be a lot more useful if you don’t.

How To Join Telegram

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How To Join Telegram

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How To Join Telegram

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How To Join Telegram

How to Use  on Android?

If you are using your phone number for the first time in Telegram and you don’t have any contacts and chat records associated with this number in, you will need to add new contacts to start messaging. 

looks for phone numbers in the contacts list of your Android phone and if any number is associated with a Telegram account, you can see those contacts in Telegram and start messaging them. So if you want to chat with your friend using Telegram, you can ask your friends to register with Telegram and make sure you have their phone numbers in your phone’s contacts list. 

Alternatively, you can also invite your friends from other apps like WhatsApp in . To do this, tap on the menu button of your Android device, select Contacts, tap on Invite Friends, and then select the app from which you want to invite your friends. 

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